Sep 20, 2017

Atelierfest in Traben-Trarbach

Diese Samstag am 23. September!
Die Künstlerin Christine Fröhlich macht offene Tür in ihrem Atelier, wo ich auch ein paar botanische Zeichnungen ausstellen werde.
Komm vorbei wenn ihr in er Nähe seid! es wird schön!

This Saturday the 23rd September I am going to Traben-Trarbach, a town by the river Mosel.. The artist Christine Fröhlich make a fest at her Atelier and she invited me to show some botanical drawings. I hope to see you there! you can also taste the delicious wine of the area! ;)

Sep 18, 2017


in Mühlheim am Main.
ah! those - short and too few - Summer days..
In this lake is not allow to swimm. You see..  Germans can sometimes be a bit wild 😋 
Vogelsbergersee 2017 - Watercolour on sketchbook
PRINT for sale /HERE/

And here above was me painting.
I have still many, many  painting and drawings that I made this Summer... I  will post them little by little, but hopefully before Winter :)

Sep 12, 2017

Female Nudes on brown paper 2017

more nude drawings of Tuesday
Did I say I have hundred of them? Have a look at my Etsy Shop /HERE/
And you can see all the nude drawings on this blog HERE.
Female Nude 2017 - ink painting
Size: 11" x 16" (29,7 x 42 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Female Nude 2017 - ink and gouache painting
Size: 11" x 16" (29,7 x 42 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Female Nude 2017 - gouache painting
Size: 11" x 16" (29,7 x 42 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Female Nude 2017 -gouache painting
Size: 11" x 16" (29,7 x 42 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Sep 3, 2017

Flamenco en Mainkur

El grupo "Collage" con cantaor, guitarrista y bailaora vistieron con música y baile la terraza de la estación de Mainkur. En las mesas, vino y paella. Y en el aire olorcito a gambas.. hmm qué cálida sensación!
Pero qué difícil pillar los movimientos e impulsos del baile flamenco! lo intenté, conste. La próxima vez espero que salga mejor!

A couple of weeks ago I was with Bela in Mainkur, the train Station, for a flamenco concert with dance. The ensemble was "Collage" and they did great music and performance! I will go next time for sure! I tried to catch the dancer but it was so difficult with the impulsiv and quick movements! next time will be better, I hope! ;)

Aug 31, 2017

Kitchen Wall art

Sabéis que me encanta retratar verduras y frutas.. Hace unos meses dibujé un conjunto de ellos.
/AQUÍ/ podéis comprar el Set de Prints en mi tienda ETSY.

You know I love to draw portraits of veggies and fruits. Some time ago I made a Set of Prints with some of them.  
/HERE/ you can buy them on my ETSY shop.

Aug 28, 2017


das Wasserhäuschen in Frankfurt am Main.
Bezauberndes Kiosk direkt an den Grünanlage...
Fein Trinkhalle Frankfurt 2017 - markers sketch
Size: 11" x 8" 8 (29,7 x 21 cm)
PRINT for sale /HERE/
PS- und mehr Trinkhalle sketches /HERE/

Aug 25, 2017

Amadou et Mariam

Concierto al aire libre en el Palmengarten de Frankfurt.
Fue el Martes, al atardecer. Hacía un calor bochornoso y grupos pequeños de gente con picnics se desperdigaban por el prado a la espera del concierto. Y comenzó la música, llena de vida y ritmos africanos que pusieron a bailar al público entero, sin importar edad o condición. Era curioso observar y dibujar los diferentes estadios y reacciones del público mientras disfrutaba del compás colorido de la música.

Al final llegó la noche y la única luz era la que expulsaban los focos del escenario. Apenas podía ver mi papel ni los colores que utilizaba! aunque en color fui parca esta vez! ;)

Openair concert in Palmengarten
I was there on Tuesday evening, the 22th August. It was warm and humid and a lot of little groups had met on the park to make picnic before the concert started. And then the music started, a full of life and african rythms music, which got to dance every people, no matter age or condition! it was a funny expierience to observe and sketch these stadiums while feeling the colourful beats of the music. 
At last it was already dar k and the only light came from the stage in blue, red or yellow. I hard could see the paper and the colours I was using!

Aug 1, 2017

Open Ateliers Frankfurt - 13th and 20th August

On Sunday the 13th August the 4th and 6th floor in Atelier Frankfurt will be open.
I will be in the room 4.16 and I am happy to see many friends and visitors!
The programm is here:
And the Sunday over, 20th August will be open the 3th floor.
Photo by Peter Krausgrill
Here a text from the FRIZZ Magazine ( in German):
Offene Ateliers Frankfurter Kunstsommer Open Doors ›› 13.+20.8. Atelierfrankfurt, 12-18 Uhr,
Im Rahmen des ersten Frankfurter Kunstsommers, der sich auf die Fahnen geschrieben hat, die freie Kunstszene Frankfurts und die hier lebenden und arbeitenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler einem breiteren Publikum vorzustellen, öffnet das Atelierfrankfurt an zwei Tagen im August erneut seine Pforten. Das Atelierfrankfurt ist eines der größten Kunstquartiere Deutschlands. An zwei Tagen im Spätsommer öffnen die Künstler ihre Ateliers auf ihren jeweiligen Etagen und laden die Besucher in ihre Arbeitsräume ein. Im Atelier des Künstlers Johannes Kriesche liest die Offenbacher Lyrikerin Katharina Eismann am 13. August (14 Uhr) Gedichte vor, die teilweise vom Frankfurter Osthafen inspiriert wurden. Kriesche ist einer der drei zeitgenössischen Künstler der Ausstellung „Apokalypse des Realen“, die am 23. August im Atelierfrankfurt startet. Gemeinsam mit Federico Rosa und Gabriel Stoian möchte er mit seinen Arbeiten die Gesellschaft für Probleme sensibilisieren. In ihren Werken hinterfragen sie visuell das Reale und setzen es mit einer Apokalypse gleich. Auch Künstler und Kreative im Frankfurter Westen laden in ihre Studios ein. Das Gelände der ehemaligen Druckfarbenfabrik Dr. Carl Milchsack hat sich in eine „mehrdimensionale Kulturfabrik“ verwandelt. Von 16 bis 19 Uhr können Besucher durch die offenen Ateliers schlendern und Einblicke in den Schaffungsprozess der Künstler erhaschen. Fotografien von Niko Neuwirth und die Klanginstallation „Klangsackerl“ von Sylvia Necker bespielen den Hof des Milchsackgeländes. Um 20 Uhr startet das Livekonzert der Darmstädter Band „Messer Brüder“, auf deren musikalischer Agenda Electronic Garagerock steht, bevor es ab 22 Uhr „Film ab!“ heißt. Ein Foodtruck versorgt die Kunstinteressierten mit Snacks und Drinks. Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit dem Frankfurter Kultursommer 2017 und Gutleut-Tagen 4.0 statt und möchte auch explizit Familien einladen.

Jul 13, 2017

Bürgel am Main

I always scape here with my bike, as soon as I need green and fresh air... I love this countryside landscape close to the Main river...
The fields have a color each season. Here they were covered with golden wheat.
The two shadows on the way was a horse and a young man.. just in case you wonder ;)
PS- excuse that I am posting so rarely last time. I don't reach to keep alive all the social media chanels, and somehow it feels easier to post over Instagram as I don't need to scann the images. Feel free to visit my Facebook page or Instagram for more fresh posts!

Jun 14, 2017

Elder Flower

Holunder, liebster Holunder!
Holunder Flower 2017 - Pencil drawing
Size: 16.5" x 11" (42 x 29,7 cm)
PRINT for sale /HERE/

Holunder Flower 2017 - Gouache painting
Size: 16.5" x 11" (42 x 29,7 cm)
PRINT for sale /HERE/

Saúco, querido saúco, oliendo a las largas tardes de Verano de mi infancia.. donde la vida juguetona parecía quedarse..

May 26, 2017

Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg is a town not far away from Frankfurt, following the river Main to the East. It is no more Hessen but Bayern, more specific: Franken.
There, at the Main river shore is a big castle with many charming gardens, flowers and constructions which was the Summer Residence of the Prince of Mainz.. I think!
Aschaffenburg views - Watercolor and pencil sketch
PRINT for sale /HERE/

May 15, 2017

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom in magentas - 2017 - Watercolour drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/
in magenta tones.
I hope all the mothers have enjoyed the Sunday!  
and I wish you a nice start of the week and a bit more sun and a bit less storm...
Flor de manzano en tonos magentas.
Espero que todas las madres hayan tenido un bonito Domingo!
Y os deseo un buen comienzo de semana, un poco más de sol, y un poco menos de tormenta :)

May 11, 2017

Male nudes I - 2017

Male Nude - 2017 - Watercolour drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Male Nude - 2017 - Watercolour & charcoal drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/
Male Nude - 2017 - China ink drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Yes, normally it is a female model who poses. But a few times come a man too.
You can see all the nude drawings on this blog HERE.
In my EtsyShop you can buy some of them:

Male Nude - 2017 - Pencil drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Male Nude - 2017 - Pencil and watercolour drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

Male Nude - 2017 - Pencil and charcoal drawing
Size: 11" x 8.5" (29,7 x 21 cm)
ORIGINAL for sale /HERE/

May 6, 2017

Pip Fluteman

the British musician was playing in Sugarmama some months ago, and I sketched him.
It was very crowded, as this singer-songwriter has many fans in Frankfurt 👌 It is not a wunder, with his beautiful voice and songs, and his great guitar skills! He reminds me a Shakespeare's trovador 😌

May 2, 2017


Hin und her, Skizzen in meinem Skizzenbuch aus der schönen Spaziergänge durch die Nachbarschaft.
Hier oben ein Blick aus dem Günthersburgpark.
Und unten, eine Bleistiftskizze in der Günthersburgallée.
Einen schönen Mai, wünsche ich euch!
Günthersburgpark Frankfurt 2017 - sketchbook
PRINT for sale /HERE/

Algunos apuntes de rincones vecinos, en mis paseos por el barrio.
Feliz Mayo para todos!

Apr 30, 2017

Magnolias 2017

Casi casi os dejo sin magnolias esta Primavera! pero no, me dió tiempo a retratarlas! Además cada especie florece en distintos intervalos aunque ya casi no queda ninguna en flor.

Apr 27, 2017

Asturias - Principio de Abril

con tiempo primaveral. Praderas cubiertas de flores y caballos pastando.

Pine tree landscape - 2017
Watercolour & pencil
PRINT for sale /HERE/

Horse sketch - 2017
Watercolour & pencil
PRINT for sale /HERE/
Horse sketches - 2017
Pencil drawing
PRINT for sale /HERE/
Spring landscape - 2017
Watercolour plein air
PRINT for sale /HERE/
Serapia Lingua - 2017
Watercolour & pencil
PRINT for sale /HERE/
 Y entre los botones de oro, crecían oquideas silvestres (Serapia Lingua, se llaman, y ya las documenté hace tiempo en este blog 😌)