May 14, 2018

Frankfurt am Main

direct at the river shore, a Summer evening.
I drew this watercolor on location in 2016. All the people were outside enjoying the warm evening. At the background, the Mainhattan Skyline under the pink and golden sunset light.

Frankfurt am Main 2016
Watercolor and pencil sketch
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May 2, 2018

Aschaffenburg drawings

Schloss Johannisburg, Aschaffenburg - 2018
Ink drawing
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Aschaffenburg- 2018
gouache and pencil sketch
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Street in Aschaffenburg- 2018
Watercolor sketch
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A couple of months ago there was a Urbansketchers meeting in Aschaffenburg, a very nice city in Bavaria close to Frankfurt and along the Main River.
Even if it was quite cold and windy, we got to make a few sketches. Here is my contribution.

 After sketching outside, we went to the mythic Schlappeseppel brewery to eat some Wurst mit Kraut and drink some.. Bier of course ūüėč