Oct 21, 2021

Some Wild flowers ....

A bouquet and souvenir of a Spring in Portugal, two years ago, when the world was a gathering place and people enjoy being together without fears or illness... 

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Wild Flowers Bouquet  -  2019
Watercolour and pencil
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Aug 5, 2021

Celuán, pleinair watercolour seascape...

A little beach of white sand where the industrial river flows into the sea.. It is quiet, a bit misty, cloudy and warm, and I think that these pastel colors are so typical of Asturias coast..

Celuán, Asturias -  2018
Watercolour pleinair
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Jul 22, 2021

Nordendplatz, Frankurt

 Another sketch on location on my way, here the very lively Nordendplatz that has all to be a beloved meeting point:

Small bookshop, natural and home-made ice cream dealer, Café with tables outside...  and a playground for children under big chesnut trees...  In the sketch appear just the bike riders, Altbau fassade and the beautiful big trees... next time more :)

Nordendplatz Frankfurt Nordend- 2020
Watercolor and pencil on sketchbook
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Jul 6, 2021

Waldschmidtstrasse, Frankfurt

 Hier ist eine Straße dass ich fast täglich bei Fahrrad durchfahre... Sie ist die direkter Verbindung zwischen meinen Standort in Ostend und westlichen Stadteilen wie Bornheim-Nordend, Nordend .. Sie fährt mir direkt zu Merianplatz, Friedbergerplatz usw.... 

Waldschmidtstraße, Frankfurt Nordend- 2020
Watercolor and pencil on sketchbook
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Jun 21, 2021

New Nude Prints in Minted Store

It is so long that I don't post here!
I hope you readers also switch to instagram, where I am posting now from some years nearly daily!

I wanted to active a bit my blogspot again, first sharing some of the last drawings which were selected by Minted jury, most minimal line nude drawings: 

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"Awaking" - Limited Edition Art Print by Catilustre in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.
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Oct 23, 2019

Winter Landscape

around the quiet lake in Offenbach. Sunny and calm Sunday.
A pleinair drawing with mixed media (gouache, oil pastels, crayons) on brown paper.
Schultheis Weiher, Offenbach - 2019
mixed media Pleinair
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Oct 15, 2019

No.2 Records - Concerts

Two musicians, singersong writers, were playing in the small and nice music shop No.2 Records in Sachsenhausen this early year. Both American:  Jim Reed and Ian Fisher.
It was an intim and intense concert with sometimes romantic and sometimes ironic passages and we enjoyed it a lot.
Jim Reed in No2 Records

Jim lives in Frankfurt and Ian will play here in February again so I hope to hear them soon!

Ian Fisher in No2 Records

Oct 2, 2019

Asturias coast

Some pleinair watercolors in my homeplace Asturias, in North Spain ..💙
They are already from a couple of Summers ago...
Arnao - 2016
coastal watercolor
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Bayas - 2016
Beach watercolor
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Sep 30, 2019


A sunny day in Winter I went with my bike to an area I have never been before: Oberrad. Actually not far away at all, but somehow isolated because of the highway and train rails. It was very rural and charmant and I enjoyed drawing there with the early Spring light in the sky.

Pleinair in Oberrad - 2019
Oilpastels on brown paper
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Sep 29, 2019

Mampf - The JB Lloyds

Mampf is a small pub with live music many days of the Week, main stream in Jazz and Blues. It is in my neighbourhood so we go there ofter in Winter.
Here were the two funny blues musicians, I thought no one realise when I was drawing, because I always try not to move my head so much, but the singer caught it very soon and asked me to show him the drawings. He was very excited and like them, so said he :D

Sep 27, 2019

Out of Frankfurt - Berger Enkheim

A long and windy road on a cold Sunday of February...  I went with my bike to the East of Frankfurt, looking for some nature and peace. And I found it :)
A pleinair gouache painting of the winterly landscape, where the birds already were singing as a Spring Prelude... 
More drawing coming! Excuse the long pause!

Pleinair in ENKHEIM landscape - 2019
gouache on brown paper
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Mar 14, 2019

Jam Sessions in Club Voltaire

It is a very authentic club in Frankfurt.
I went there a couple of weeks ago with Valeria and other friends.
There was open stage and different musicians and singers making music having fun. We had fun too, it was a great atmosphere and I sketched while dancing a bit and  drinking some beer. That's all you need to be happy: friends, music, beer...
At this evening I just had a red pen with me... so a bit bloody sketches here.

  to beer or not to beer..

Feb 14, 2019

Palmengarten ...

We are having a very grey, dark, grey, rainy Februrary (not today!). It is also very cold, so on Sunday there is not much joy to go for a hike. That's why a couple of weeks ago I went for a walk to the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. There is cosy and green, and if it is raining you can go inside and feel a bit tropical, even if it is still dark and grey! 💚
Green Jungle, Palmengarten - 2019
Watercolour an pencil sketch
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 First I tried to stay outside, and I sat under a evergreen tree to paint this majestic Beech tree with oil pastels which are good when it is wet and raining... but the rain didn't want to stop so I moved inside to paint more greenery and the crazy Orchideas blooming! wow, they look a bit like aliens to me...

Old Beech tree in Palmengarten - 2019
Oil pastels
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Orchideas at Palmengarten - 2019
black ink sketch
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Jan 27, 2019

Feliz 2019

Ay ay! I have to catch up this good whish for you all 💖, at least before January is over :D and before Spring comes... that will come, yes !!

The 2018 was a crazy year with a couple of big changes that came like surprises, some old dream coming true this year, like quitting the music lessons and making a living from my art ..  And because life is a yinyan, was not all roses in 2018..,
I am confident and optimist about this already starting 2019 and I wish also your dreams to come true. I am sure now that it can ever happen, so keep on with it!
I will also try to update ofter this blog, as I forgot it a bit due to the easiness and comfort of using Instagram, for those using it also  -->


Dec 9, 2018

Palmengarten Frankfurt

A sunny, Summer Sunday morning at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. I went for a guided visit on the subject "Palmtrees". It was very interesting, afterwords I make a walk through the gardens and sketched a little bit. With watercolors and with black ball pen.
Also I went inside the greenhouse to draw some tropical plants. I will bring you soon some more to keep faith and strenght over this grey year time!

Palmengarten, Frankfurt - 2018
black ballpen sketch
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Palmengarten, Frankfurt - 2018
watercolour sketch
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Meanwhile have a nice 2nd Advent!
Tropical flowers - 2018
watercolour and pencil sketch
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Tropical flowers - 2018
black ballpen sketch
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