Apr 28, 2018

Rhododendon Art Print

The 2018 has started with some very good news!

From October you could find -and buy- a fine art print of this Rhododendron pencil drawing in IKEA stores all over the world!💪
This is just the first one, in the new year you would find new prints. It makes me feel happy that many homes could have a beautiful botanical print from me, drawn with loads of love 😌😍
And I am so thankful to Ann and Rachel from Artpress who believe in my work and made this happen! 💖

Apr 13, 2018

Singersongwriters in Frankfurt

in March, one very cold Saturday, we went quite spontaneos to a music shop, No. 2 Records in Sachsenhausen, a beautiful neighbourhood in Frankfurt. There were playing two musicians, first Boohoo Music from Frankfurt. I don't find his website anymore, but it was a very lyrical music!
And afterwards 'Cannonball Stateman' from USA. A very different style, less slow, also indie and a bit heavmetal sometimes! I only could draw his rich, curly mane :D