Jul 7, 2015

Sphinx Moth

and this one is a real one, I found it last week coming home, on the portal stairs, it was quite good camouflaged in its fresh mossy green tones. It is beautiful, isn't it?
Y  tras las mariposas, una esfinge, pero ésta de verdad! La encontré la semana pasada en las escaleras del portal, camuflada astutamente en sus frescos tonos de verde musgoso.

Jul 4, 2015


ready to hang!

You can buy the original Illustration /HERE/
You can buy the original Illustration /HERE/
 I am working on a new Series, trying to make illustrations as ready-to-hang products, hanging them directly on the wall with no need of passepartout or frame. 
These are the two first ones, inspired in spring and nature. My intention is to turn into many other subjects... But here the first shy try. 

Jul 1, 2015

Caretos Sculpture

And what if the loved Caretos inside my head (or my heart?) come out this time not in paper, but as a 3D shape?  
I made those this Saturday, we have got a terribly raining and grey morning, perfect to sit at my terrace and  squeeze my fingers in the damp clay...

Jun 30, 2015

Linden Blossom 3/2015

and still blooming the beautiful Linden. And there are so many different kinds! in different blooming stadium. I realize it each year: the one with more rounded leaves, with dark green, shining surface, the other silver with more pointed and sharp leaves and dry green tone.. the curly one... also the shapes of the tree are quite different.  I will have to check a Trees encyclopedia to know the true name of each..
"Linden Blossom 3/2015"
Pencil & Watercolor 
Paper: 21cm x 29.7cm (8" x 11") 170gr/m2

Jun 27, 2015

Linden Blossom 2/2015

and here is the next Linden drawing of the season... 
"Linden Blossom 2/2015"
Pencil & Watercolor 
Paper: 21cm x 29.7cm (8" x 11") 170gr/m2
You can see all my collection of Linden Blossom /HERE/

Jun 26, 2015

Linden Blossom 1/2015

another Season, here are the great, beautiful Linden trees blooming and scattering in the warm evening air their sweet perfume..
"Linden Blossom 1/2015"
Pencil & Watercolor
Paper: 21cm x 29.7cm (8" x 11") 170gr/m2
You can see all my collection of Linden Blossom /HERE/
Otra estación, los preciosos Tilos floreciendo y esparciendo en el templado aire de atardecer su fragancia dulce..

Jun 22, 2015

Sauces y patos

Muchísimos patos de diferentes familias, como si fuesen rebaños de ovejas pastando, pero en lugar de ovejas, patos... a las orillas del estanque en Ostpark. Otro nostálgico atardecer. Porque me olía a agua dulce, a lago, y me recordaba los primeros veranos en Berlin.. Están por descubrir los lagos de Hessen, un poco más escondidos quizás... os informaré en cuanto los conozca..

Jun 17, 2015

Sbahn Störungen

In Berlin the underground and regional train were not the best... but in Frankfurt they are a Katastrophe!
Yesterday it took me over two hours to get home. I worked somewhere out the city, a place among the wheat and raps fields.. I always take the bike in the train and then I ride... if I knew it, I would have ride all the way back home! but once in the train, it was a prison... so I passed the time by looking at the travelers. No one seemed to be worried or hurried.. thanks that they had their smart-phones with :D
En Berlin el transporte público no era lo mejor... pero en Frankfurt es una catástrofe!
Ayer tardé más de dos horas en volver a casa.. trabajo en un colegio entre campos de trigo y colza.. . voy con la bici en el tren y luego pedaleo hasta allá. Si hubiese sabido que el tren se colgaría ahí tanto tiempo habría vuelto en bici hasta casa. Pero una vez dentro del tren, me quedé prisionera. Nadie parecía preocuparse ni tener prisa... menos mal que tenían sus teléfonos! :)

PS- you can have a look at all my people sketches /HERE/

Jun 15, 2015


Holunderblüten auf Deutsch.
"Saúco en flor"
Pencil & Watercolor on 170gr/m2 paper
Size 21cm x 29.7cm (8" x 11")
And here some Elderflowers smelling as fresh as lemon, with the bitter pinch of the lemon peel.
Y aquí algunas flores de saúco, oliendo tan frescas como el limón, y el punto amargo de su cáscara.

Jun 12, 2015


is a long green park as a sinuous snake following the path where the medieval walls closed the old city
Here is the Eschenheimer Anlage at evening. People walk trough this green belt better than through the streets. They sit in the banks and chat or eat the evening sandwich after work, and play table-tennis. Elder trees were covered by their lemon smelly, plate flowers..

Jun 11, 2015

Female Nude N.6 - 10/09/14

You can see all my other nude drawings /HERE/
"Female Nude N.6 - 10/09/14"
Size 42cm x 29.7cm (11" x 16")
Pencil & Watercolor on Canson paper 200gr/m2
/You can buy the ORIGINAL here/