Jul 13, 2016

Itchy Teeth

at "Blaues Haus"
I went there with Katharina, to hear the music and mainly to draw, without not so many expectations... but we were surprised!
a great concert of this young band "Itchy Teeth" from London. I loved the musicality in their songs, voices duos, the variety of repertoire.. yes I took the CD and I do this seltem!

The sketch with went to U.K back with them
The public enjoying it sooo much, in the little and magical "Blaues Haus"


bruna said...

cati, que guuuuusto que puedas dibujar y pillar cosas tan en movimiento como un concierto!!

Catilustre said...

gracias Bruneta!! si es muy divertido aunque hay que concentrarse también un poco! :) besitos, petons a tots!