Feb 7, 2016

Creative World

It is now exactly one week ago, on Sunday the 31th January, that I went to the Bloggers Meeting by Hahnemühle Stand, in the Frankfurter Fair "Paper World". 
Surprise!!! raspberry-choco muffin... yummi!
It was a very interesting and funny meeting, we tested some new products during the watercolor workshop with Audry Backs.
Testing the Schmincke Aqua masking gum on Hahnemühle Aquarellkarton
Testing the new watercolor sketchbook of Hahnemühle

I was also glad to meet my friend Omar who was in the Caran D'Ache Stand and I haven't seen since a long time ago. He also showed me some new products of the brand, I loved the waterbrush!
Omar testing Caran D'Ache mixing pen (or something similar..)

Me testing Caran D'Ache waterbrush.
I came back full of new equipment! I have now papers and sketchbooks for a long time! :D
Thanks Hahnemühle for the nice day and the curious explanation about the history of the firma and the making-paper process. I am now even more fan!

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