Oct 31, 2014

Boletus Edulis

and other nature samples that we find in our Brandenburg walks on Sundays.
Here below a"Penny bun" in english, also known with its italian name "Porcini". Steinpilz auf Deutsch.

"Boletus Edulis"
Watercolor & pencil drawing
/You can buy the PRINT here/
I was totally impressed when I found this baby lizard in one of this walks through Brandenburg! I never saw a lizard in Germany before, and specially this kind of lizard! Searching in google I started thinking it was an "Ocellated Lizard" but it is quite impossible as they live nearly just in Spain and Italy. So it might be the "Lacerta Viridis" which distribution area is more possible (see the tiny spot in East Germany!!).. Anyway I was very happy!

Another day we found even a real snake! Someone said this little one was a Common European Viper, "Vipera berus", but I think it is a Smooth Snake or "Coronella Austriaca" Anyway, I didn't dare to take this one on my hand :P
"Lacerta Viridis" or European Green Lizard (I think)
Photo taken by Hong Wang.

"Coronella Austriaca" or Smooth Snake (I think)
Photo taken by Bastian Götze.

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