Nov 13, 2016

Flores amarillas

Tema y variaciones.
Son de las últimas flores del huerto... bueno, las rosas siguen floreciendo lentas y sin fuerza, desafiando valientes el frío y las heladas de Noviembre..
Como otras veces tampoco yo me cansé y las traté en diferentes versiones..
"Yellow flowers I"
Pencil on 11" x 16"  paper
  Original for sale /HERE/

"Yellow flowers III"
Watercolor on 11" x 16"  paper
  Original for sale /HERE/
 Yellow flowers... some of the last blooming in the garden season. Only the brave roses still blooming weak and slowly, challenging the cold November..


Miú said...

Tan delicadas siempre, tus flores!

Rammy Jones said...

I cannot rave enough about these guys. I found them online and ordered beautiful Deliver Flowers arrangements for an engagement party. They were lush, artful and beautiful- not a typical florist. I will absolutely be returning; they did an amazing job.